How to Find Publications That Accept Contributed Articles

If you’re looking for a way to increase your media exposure, consider contributing articles. Contributed articles have several advantages. They often feature a plug for your company, and most publications will list your credentials and title at the end. Topics that work well for contributed articles include recent projects, industry trends, new legal requirements, and significant changes. Contributed articles can be about anything from how-to articles to roundups. Depending on your audience, you may even be able to include an industry round-up or practical advice.

Before submitting your work, read the submission guidelines of the publications you’re considering. Many publications will pay you for your contributions, but some will give them away for free. Make sure you select topics that interest you. If you can’t find a publication that accepts paid articles, try self-publishing and writing for smaller outlets. These options will give you valuable experience, as well as help you build a portfolio of articles.

When applying to contribute to a publication, be sure to follow the submission guidelines. Some publications require contributors to submit for edits before they can publish their articles. Make sure to submit your work in advance, as missed deadlines can lead to a burnout with the media outlet. You may also want to consider seeking professional review of your work. By following these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to publishing a high-quality article.


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