How to Make a Carry on Packing List

Before making a carry on packing list, you should know your airline’s policy. Most airlines will allow you to take one small bag with you on your trip. Each traveler is only allowed to bring one personal item, so you should choose a coat and shoes that fit well in your carry on bag. If you’re traveling to the chilly northern climates, a warm coat is a must-pack item. Down and fleece are also great options. Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Jackets are a good example.

The Ultimate Carry On Packing List will help you make the most of your space and save a bundle on your plane tickets. This handy guide will help you pack for your trip by teaching you how to take the right size bag that fits through TSA screening. Remember, more airlines are charging to stow your carry-on bag in the hold, so it pays to pack your items properly to save money and time at the airport.

Before leaving, print out your important documents and place them on your carry on packing list. Make sure you have copies of all the documents you’ll need on your trip, especially if you’re traveling internationally. It is also a good idea to store a copy of these documents on your phone, SD card, or USB drive. Using the proper documents will save you from getting stranded and paying for an expensive hotel room.

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