The Average Salary of a Doctor in Bangladesh

The average salary of a Doctor / Physician in Bangladesh is 61,200 BDT per month, with the highest earning doctor receiving more than 103,000 BDT. This figure is based on six salary surveys, and takes into account housing and transportation costs. While the average salary for a Physician in Bangladesh is above average, the average salary for this profession can vary from city to city and from gender to gender giniloh.

In Bangladesh, the salary of a physician in family practice is higher than that of a doctor in other countries, and there are many advantages to working in this profession. In Bangladesh, there are no shortage of medical specialists, and the country’s high economic growth and growing middle class has resulted in a high demand for qualified medical professionals. In addition to this, doctors in the country enjoy annual pay raises, which makes them a highly sought-after commodity bet6.

The highest paid jobs in the garments industry include fashion designer, textile engineer, and PM. These positions can be very lucrative and rewarding for those with a background in fashion. The average salary of a garment worker in Bangladesh can be anywhere from 16,500 BDT to 954,000 BDT per month. However, the salary of a doctor in Bangladesh varies significantly with experience. However, those with a high education and significant experience can earn very good salaries

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