Top Automation Trends to Watch for in Canada in 2023

Gone are the days when you had to do everything manually. These days you can automate almost all tasks that previously needed skilled people to do and with the advent of AI these automation trends are only getting better. 

Here are some top automation trends that you need to watch for in 2023.

Increasing Trend of Direct Mail Marketing Automation in Canada

There is no doubt that direct mail marketing Canada has helped businesses save time and money; however, there are still many people who haven’t fully incorporated direct mail automation in their processes. Business owners who automate their processes but don’t give enough importance to direct mail automation are missing out on a very important thing. However, it is expected that with the increasing popularity of automation, more and more businesses are going to invest in incorporating some of the best direct mail automation software into their business operations.

Low Code Automation Systems

Businesses are trying to incorporate automation systems that require little to no coding which makes it easier for people who are not skilled in the art of coding to also manage and understand the automation systems. This is a great plus for businesses that don’t want to invest time and money into extensive coding efforts. It can also give them a competitive advantage over other businesses in the same industry.

Hyper-automation With The Help of Artificial Intelligence

This will be the biggest automation trend of 2023. In the last few years robotic process automation has been a big trend and in the year 2023 robotic process automation has the additional help of ever-advancing AI technology. So this year we will see a trend in hyper-automation where artificial intelligence and machine learning will be incorporated into the robotic process automation process. With robotic task automation (RTA) one can automate simple tasks; however, an RTA with the capability of machine learning and Artificial intelligence can automate even the most complex of tasks and it can do it more efficiently and effectively.  biographypark

The Rise of Importance Of Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a very important process where businesses use technology to identify any differences in the process or other things in the procedure that are not normal. This can help businesses identify problems before those problems turn big and cause irreparable damage. Predictive maintenance has been around for ages but businesses are now giving it more important than ever before previously such processes were either manual or based on a combination of technology and manual checkups. Now the trend for fully automating predictive maintenance is getting quite popular.

Increased Usage Of Chat Bots

Chatbots have been around for some time now; however, their usage is expected to keep increasing in the year 2023. As studies have shown that people prefer to use chatbots for their queries businesses are trying to focus their resources on building highly efficient chatbots. So it is expected that we will see an increase in the usage of chats in the year. Based on the statistics it seems that chatbots will see an increasing trend not just in 2023 but also in the coming years.

Automating Processes To Counter Staff Shortages

It is not a secret that many people were hesitant to come back to their offices after the pandemic as they believed that they could carry out their tasks from home as they had been doing during the pandemic. In addition to this, the world faced a global recession where inflation rose to a record high in countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom. This resulted in many people leaving their jobs or getting fired. This was disastrous for a few businesses that did not have the staff to keep up with the business operations. This is why businesses in 2023 are trying to develop systems and processes where even if they are short-staffed their business operations can run more smoothly and efficiently.

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