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Using Guest Post Samples to Get Your Foot in the Door

When writing for other people’s blogs, you should consider using guest post samples to help you get your foot in the door. This is especially true if you’re writing for a high-ranking authority site. Having a sample to submit is an easy way to gauge whether the topic and style of the post will be accepted. If not, you should consider using social media tools such as Digg and Oktopus to keep track of your social media performance. Buzzer is another great option since it schedules social media posts for you and provides data.

The pitch you send is the first impression of your writing. It shows how much attention you’ve paid to the detail. Follow simple guidelines and submit your guest post sample. If you’ve already written one, it’s worth pitching a different topic. Besides, personalizing emails will increase your chances of success. Even if you’re pitching a larger publication, you don’t have time to write each email from scratch.

In addition to creating a good first impression, sending a personalized email will show that you’re not a spammer. Many guest post requests come in the form of an email template that looks like hundreds of others’. If your email template is unique and your tone is friendly, it stands out and makes a great first impression. In a crowded content marketing world, the first impression is important. Keep in mind that most of the emails look similar, so you have to differentiate yourself from the rest. factnewsph

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